About CertCars

How it all began.

CertCars is the brainchild of Fahad Hassan, a 24-year-old technopreneur from Karachi, Pakistan. In the September of 2016, Fahad wanted to upgrade his car therefore he used the existing mediums available at that time such as newspapers, online classifieds,
car dealers etc. to find the perfect car for himself.

After 2 months of searching for a good car but without any fruitful findings, Fahad gave up and pondered upon the issues that he faced such as inaccurate information of cars available for sale online, inability to cite a car’s mechanical condition
on his own, no safe channel to process transactions etc.

That is when the idea of CertCars came to Fahad’s mind, an idea to have Pakistan’s first-ever virtual used car dealership which would allow both car sellers and buyers to sell or buy a car respectively right from the comfort of their homes.

Our objective is not to say that ‘we have 15,000 cars listed on our website’, but it is quality over quantity. A buyer should be able to find a used car that not only matches their requirement but one that has also been certified by our qualified technicians
to introduce a transparent and trusted virtual used car dealership.

On the other hand, we want to give car sellers an opportunity to avoid all the hassle associated with selling their cars that they face currently using the existing mediums available and allow CertCars to sell their cars whilst they do their more important tasks.

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